Easiest methods to send money to another country

Sending money overseas is important for a lot of people. There are a multitude of reasons for why that is. For instance, settling payments from online shopping can be done simply through one short money transfer. Another reason is that with more job opportunities presenting themselves from across the world, many individuals are now traveling overseas in order to find work and support their families, assuring their survival and growth. With that said, many financial institutions are willing to offer remittance services to their clients. Here’s some of the easiest methods you can take to send money to another country.

Money in box on a blue painted wooden floor.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) services in general are some of the most flexible and convenient ways you can send money overseas, without a doubt. A P2P transfer can easily be done with a mobile phone, without the need to create a bank account. This has made these services very popular amongst most customers. Paxum and Venmo are notable examples, but PayPal in particular is among the most popular and reliable of these services, with over 392 million active users over more than 200 different countries, as well as supporting around 25 differing currencies. It is a great service not only for shopping and paying bills online, but also for sending money overseas in an instant. As an addition, aside from certain few transactions, sending money to another PayPal account doesn’t incur extra charges, and can spare you the headache of dealing with expensive fees.

Western Union

Western Union is a massive multinational financial service company, with over 42,000 branches spanning over the entire world. Considering their immediate availability in a variety of towns and cities, Western Union is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to send money to other countries, and is better used for making bulk payments and large transfers across the globe.

World Remit 

World Remit is also a good money transfer option, supporting over 130 countries and is also available in various cities and towns across the globe. If you are looking forward to sending money overseas and want a fast and secure service, then know that World Remit allows international transfers to be made within 24 hours, in spite of the distance between sender and receiver. They also have an app, which allows for ease and variety when sending money in a secure manner.

In Conclusion

With the world’s economy gradually shifting into a more Internet-based medium, our lives have been made easier in a multitude of ways – including the way we send money to others, especially internationally. In order to adjust to this change of mediums, there are now many methods to send money without much hassle or effort. Whether you’re planning to buy something online or are sending money to friends and family back home, knowing what the best and easiest methods there are for international money transfers can help you significantly to make the transactions go off without a hitch. There are more options of course, so know what you are looking for and consider which works best for you.