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Africa, with its status as having the youngest population on Earth, is strategically positioned at the forefront of the global race to be the 4IR powerhouse thanks to this vast resource of its digital and boundlessly creative youth kept on-the-go through unique but dynamic experiences and in undaunted response to the need for ceaselessly using tools, ideas and skills in overcoming myriad, real-life challenges.


Over a million years ago, the making of stone chopping tools and the stone hand axe at Olduvai Gorge of the East African Rift Valley represented the first step in the great human journey of shaping our world. …nd for many millions of years the stone hand axe from Africa remained the cutting-edge technology which were needed by and accompanied our ancestors as they spread out of Africa and across the world. …Indeed as our tools evolve so do our ideas, and then as our tools and ideas evolve, so also do we. Our current 21st century world and humankind; through a new set of modern tools characterized as emerging/exponential technologies, stands again at the verge of another radical evolution; a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and just as with the story of our origins, the future of this technological revolution lies again in the promise of Africa.

Convention Center, Sun City. South Africa.

Number Speakers 



Al Karaki

Founder and CEO 4iAfrica, Inventor, Serial Entrepreneur

Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Lead Faculty Tekedia Institute (USA)

David Wood

Chair London Futurists, Singularitarian, Catalyst (London)

Philosopher & Founder, Transhumanists Africa. (Nigeria)

Aubrey De Grey

Philosopher & Founder, Transhumanists Africa. (Nigeria)

Jose Luis Cordeiro

MIT Engineer, Futurist, Singularitarian, Immortalist. (Madrid, Spain)

Ugo Chukwu

The propounder of Individually Propelled Growth (IPG), Learning Coach, Author, Futurist.

Edward Hudgins

Founder, Human Achievement Alliance, Futurist, Author. (USA)

Dr. Natasha Vita More, PhD

Author, Researcher: Science, AI, Nanotechnology & Culture – Longevity, Ethics, Innovation (US)

Summit Program




1. Digital Leadership
2. Mining in the digital age.
3. Creativity (Arts and Aesthetics)
4. Internet of Things(IoT)
5. Socio-Political Economy
6. Longevity/Life Extension
7. Bio-Technology
8. Vertical Farming (Hydroponics/Agroponics and Aquaponics)
9. Sustainable Healthcare System
10. Smart City Planning and Development
11. Digital Business and Execution
12. Property Rights and Securities in Digital Economy.
13. Automated Learning as the Future of Education.
14. Digital Governance and Blockchain technology.

And other related topics.

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Below are a few points to keep in mind when traveling in South Africa.

• All COVID protocols will be adhered to at the GEN4IR Summit. Delegates and travelers are encouraged to adhere to regulations including wearing of masks, sanitizing of hands and social distancing.
• Visa Invitation Letters: Please email 2022summit@gen4ir.org with a copy of your passport and proof of payment if you require a visa letter. Visa letters are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays.
• Passports: Please ensure that you have two blank pages next to each other in your passport.
• South Africans drive on the left side of the road, and generally treat roundabouts (traffic circles) as 4-way stops. An international drivers’ license is required for car rental from OR Tambo or Lanseria which offer a wide selection of car rental companies.
• Airport transfers can be booked via our preferred suppliers via the website for shared or private shuttles. Should you decide to make your own arrangements, please ensure that the transport company is SATSA accredited which will ensure that all safety and insurance regulations are adhered to.

Shared shuttle times will be as follows:

o Tuesday 22 March: 12:00 (midday) from OR Tambo

o Wednesday 23 March: 12:00 (midday) from OR Tambo

o Wednesday 23 March: 14:30 from OR Tambo

o Friday 25 March: 15:00 from Sun City to OR Tambo

o Saturday 26 March: 10:00 from Sun City to OR Tambo

• Electricity supply is at 240 V and 50 Hz

• The crime rate is South Africa is higher than in many countries, and it is advisable to take the normal precautions, such as planning your route, not walking alone after dark, etc.

South Africa is a wonderful country with a wide diversity of cultures, a rich history and magnificent natural beauty.

Here, one can feel the rhythmic pulse of Africa intertwined with the western influences of the past, it’s a place where the soul of a country comes from the hearts and minds of its people, where hope and joy has been spawned by the pursuit of freedom and equality, where the rolling hills, towering mountains and fertile valleys give way to vibrant and dynamic cities, and where the wildest of experiences can be enjoyed by the most sophisticated of palates. Yes indeed, South Africa truly is a multi-faceted and deeply interesting place to visit.

It is this rich diversity of experiences that transcends all boundaries and flows evenly from its people to its landscapes that makes South Africa so unique. From when you enter South Africa to when you leave you will experience this diversity in many forms, for instance South Africa is a melting pot of different cultures, creeds and backgrounds from around the world and throughout the continent that blend together to form what is affectionately known as the Rainbow Nation, each one being as uniquely African as the next. You can journey through the wild wonders of the African bush where the prolific wildlife roams free and the natural beauty stuns and astounds, you can do this on foot, by car, through the air in a hot air balloon or on the back of the mighty African Elephant. You can travel over mountains and around coastlines where the scenic landscape could not have been painted better by the most gifted of artists and end up in cosmopolitan cities which form the backbone of the African renaissance.

You can experience our rich and interesting history, and learn how a dark and tumultuous past has given rise to one of the newest and most progressive democracies, where a constitution is not only a bill of rights but a way of life. All of this is brought together by world class infrastructure and easily accessible tourism routes.

We know you’ll love the heartbeat of Africa as much as we do!

South African Tourism: https://www.southafrica.net
South Africa at a Glance: https://www.southafrica.net/za/en/travel/category/what-you-need-to-know
Applying for a South African Visa: www.dha.gov.za/index.php/immigration-services/apply-for-a-south-african-visa

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